Book Review: Soldiering Against Subversion: The Irish Defence Forces and Internal Security during the Troubles, 1969-1998

By Dan Harvey Published by Merrion Press (2018) Reviewer: Evan Comerford Day to day life for ordinary citizens in the Republic of Ireland, bar perhaps those in border communities, was generally not impacted to the same extent by the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. But over the course of three decades Continue Reading

“The Pope is the enemy of Irish Republicanism and Irish independence” Should we commemorate the Catholic Church’s role in the War of Independence?

By Padraig Og O Ruairc Introduction – Ignoring faith and misrepresenting history?   Republican women pray outside Mountjoy Gaol in 1920 before the execution of IRA prisoner Kevin Barry. The official state commemoration marking the centenary of the Soloheadbeg Ambush and the start of the War of Independence began with Continue Reading

The Irish Girl and the American Letter: Irish immigrants in 19th Century America

Women immigrants approach New York aboard ship in 18983 (Museum of the City of New York.) By Martin Ford The written missive had remarkable significance for trans-Atlantic migration. Indeed, the peopling of North America owed more than a little to a letter, specifically, what was called “the American letter,” written—sometimes Continue Reading