1888: An American Journalist in Ireland Meets Michael Davitt & Arthur Balfour

William Henry Hurlbert, the American journalist who wrote ‘Ireland under Coercion’. By Mark Holan American journalist William Henry Hurlbert traveled to Ireland in 1888 to report on “the social and economical conditions of the Irish people as affected by the revolutionary forces which are now at work in the country.”[1] Continue Reading

Dreaming of an “Irish Tet Offensive”: Irish Republican prisoners and the origins of the Peace Process

Provisional IRA members in Belfast, 1980s. By Dieter Reinisch January 30 2018 marked the 50th anniversary of the launch of the “Tet offensive” in 1968 by North Vietnam forces and the National Liberation Front against the South Vietnam Army and the US military presence. The offensive not only facilitated the Continue Reading