Book Review: Conspirators: A Photographic History of Ireland’s Revolutionary Underground

By Shane Kenna Published by Mercier Press, 2015 ISBN: 9781781173541 Reviewer: Kerron Ó Luain Conspirators: a photographic history of Ireland’s revolutionary underground is the result of an ambitious photographic history project that involved historian Shane Kenna, the National Library of Ireland, Glasnevin Trust and Mercier Press. Documenting the Irish Republican Continue Reading

Today in Irish History – August 22, 1922 – Béal na mBláth, The Shooting Of Michael Collins

Collins National Army uniform. The death of Michael Collins, by John Dorney. Michael Collins was the IRA Director of Intelligence, Minister for Finance of the underground Republican government of 1919-21 and, unofficially, the leading figure in the independence struggle against the British. After he, Arthur Griffith and the other negotiators Continue Reading