‘Trampling the rights of a free people’: Coercion in Nineteenth Century Ireland

Suspects arrested under the Coercion Act 1881 at Roscommon. By John Dorney According to the Republican historian Dorothy MacArdle, in the 19th century Ireland was governed, ‘almost continuously since the Act of Union’ by Coercion Acts, which ‘made every expression of national feeling a crime’.[1] She quoted the Liberal politician Continue Reading

Book Review: Party Politics in a New Democracy: The Irish Free State, 1922-37

By Mel Farrell. Pp xiv, 332, Published by Palgrave Macmillan. 2017. illus. Cham, Switzerland & London;€93.59. Reviewer: Timothy Ellis   A good ‘survey’ text is a vital possession for any serious historian who wishes to specialise in a particular region and/or subject in a specific period. Historians have long lacked Continue Reading